District Governor’s Vision 宏愿

To Develop Better District Management, Promote Harmony and Unite for Better Service


Mission Statement 使命

Improvement of District administrative works, Encourage Fellowships and Teamwork for Humanitarian Needs


District Theme 2013-2014 主题

"Better Management for Better Service"



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Dear Fellow Lions,

With the wink of an eye, we have come close to the conclusion of the fiscal year 2013-2014!

It is with mix feelings that I pen this message to all of you. The feeling of much happiness as our District, the Clubs and the individual Lion, Lioness and Leo have all carried out many successful activities throughout the fiscal year 2013-2014, in  assisting our community and building up impressive  membership growth with dynamic leadership. The feeling of joy for the successful progress of all Lions, Lionesses and Leos with the implementation of our District Theme of “Better Management for Better Service”

This year we witnessed the increment of an additional Lions Club, the Lions Club of Subang Jaya Lioness, which has become a full fledged Club after conversion through a Lioness programme. We also witnessed the increment of an additional 65 members for the whole District as at this date. We also implemented leadership development program such as Guiding Lions training programme, Trainers’ Conference and Principal Officer’s Training programmes.

The recent 16th District Convention in Singapore was successfully carried out, with all the resolutions being passed, and the bringing to closure of several outstanding matters. The delegates also approved the establishment of the Lions Leadership Institute. Many outstanding Lions were also being recognised and awarded accordingly.

The District Administration had first time ever carried out an event to recognise the Golden Lions aged 65 years old and above and for having served at least 30 years towards our community. This District maiden planner event is a blissful recognition of their service contributions to the society in general and Lionism in particular. We hope this auspicious occasion will also serve as a model for all young Lions and Lionesses to recognise those long-serving with distinctions past leaders who made their Clubs as what they are today!

However as all good things must come to an end, I look forward to a new and awesome fiscal year 2014-2015.I wish to thank our DG Team, our Cabinet Officers, the Club’s Principal Officers and all Lions, Lionesses and Leos from the bottom of my heart for their strong support given to me throughout the whole year. I also wish to take this opportunity to say sorry for any remark, deed or shortcoming committed unintentionally during my term as your District Governor.

To our District Governor Elect Ooi Chao Syhuan, I wish you great success and a wonderful year during your term as the District Governor!

To all Lions, Lionesses and Leos, may the new fiscal year 2014-2015 bring even more achievements and satisfaction in your endeavours to serve the underprivileged of our society.

"Better Management For Better Service"


With best regards,

District Governor Lee Boon Hoe

Fiscal year 2013-2014




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