C : Compassionate To the Needy 海納百川

A : Affectionate to Fellow Lions 憐憫關懷

R : Recognise those Who have Served 獅友情深

E : Embracing Diversity 奉獻不忘

The Five persons embracing each other is Symbolic for all the Five Regions in District 308B2 working hand in hand together, with common goals of moving forward harmoniously, striving to serve humanity with dignity. The different colours symbolize Lions of various races and social economic backgrounds. Our National Flower, Hibiscus is presented in pop art form to make Lions Clubs of District 308 B2 more popular. The five petals of Hibiscus, simply for the five principles in Rukun Negara, our National Principles. We pledge to serve and be guided by Rukun Negara. The Golden Hibiscus symbolizes the accomplishment, pride and to glow through persistence to excellent performance. The 3-D Lion Logo at the centre, reminds us of our roles as Lions members in upholding Lions Club International Purposes and to abide by the Lions Clubs International Code of Ethics. The District Theme “LIONS CARE” being placed under the Lions logo signifies the Lions Movement in our District is well supported by the Lions Care spirit.