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CEP Preview - English


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Certified Guiding Lion Program


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Certified Guiding Lions Program Handbook 


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Club President Course - English


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Club Secretary Course - English


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Club Treasurer Course - English


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Developing Leaders Course - English


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GMT-GLT Course - English


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Official Training Links from Lions Club International Website


For Clubs:

Club Resource Center, for Club Officers, Administrative Committees and Activities Committee, with Forms, Manuals, Guides and Awards etc.

Managing A Lions Club, with Club Officer Leadership Development, Helpful Resources to sponsor a Leo Club, Finance Information and Learn Strategies to strengthen membership.

Planning Projects, Lions' adopted service programs allow you to work on a diverse array of community service activity projects, whether you want to focus on improving eyesight – or providing help halfway around the world.




For Zone and Region Chairpersons:

Zone and Region Chairperson Center, with Zone and Region Chairperson Manual, Zone Chairperson Training and Excellence Awards


Helpful Tools for Membership Growth and Club Development
  1. Global Membership Team (GMT) and Global Leadership Team (GLT) Initiatives – Members of the GMT and GLT at the district and multiple district levels can provide information and assistance to clubs in the areas of membership growth and leadership development. It is recommended that members of these teams be invited to District Governor's Advisory Committee Meetings.
  2. Certified Guiding Lion Program – Newly revised, this course will help zone or region chairpersons develop a strategy for assisting new and existing clubs and acquaints them with the latest materials for club success. It is recommended that all zone and region chairpersons take the course.
  3. Club Excellence Process – Focused on elements of club excellence, the program may be presented at the District Governor's Advisory Committee Meetings. There are multiple formats for which the process can be implemented. Contact your District GMT or GLT for more information.
  4. Lions Mentoring Program – Every zone or region chairperson is a mentor; the Lions Mentoring Program will help these key leaders make a positive impact on the Lions they lead.
  5. Lion Learning Center – This online resource features courses related to leadership, managing others, achieving success and communication.



For District and District Officers:

Managing A District, with frequently used District Forms, Applying for Grants, Finance Information and ways to strengthening membership.

District Resource Center, from DG Team, Chairperson Position and Activities, Multiple District, The Youth, GMT & GLT resources.

District Governor Team Manual, in Chapters from Team, Administration, Club Operation & Supplies, IT, Legal, LCIF, Public Relation, Awards and Succession Planning.




For Past District Governors:

Past District Governor Resources, to maintain or enhance your leadership skills with several training modules offered by the Leadership Division