Together we serve


Service is more than the sum of our collective deeds - it is the wellspring of our heart. As Lions and Leos, we serve to see our communities inspired, equipped, and transformed. We believe that even the greatest challenges can be overcome by the power of kindness.


Through any challenge


Over 1.4 million Lions across the globe are stepping up to serve their communities during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. These new challenges have changed the way we live, but our dedication to helping those in need is as strong as it was when we first opened our doors more than 100 years ago.


Lions serve safely


In these times of adversity, Lions around the world are safely answering the call to service. From food delivery for healthcare workers to providing medical supplies where they’re needed most, Lions and Leos are finding ways to show how kindness matters.


The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has impacted communities around the world in different ways. To ensure we’re serving safely wherever we live, Lions should follow the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control, World Health Organization or local health authorities.

Vaccination Centre 2_edited.png

Serve as Frontliner


During COVID-19 Pandemic, Lions serve as frontliners in the Vaccination Centres helping the communities at the registration counters.

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Humanitarian Support


When members choose to become Humanitarian Partners, they are taking an enormous step toward increasing the service capabilities and life-changing outcomes of Lions everywhere.


Lion members preparing distribution of food supplies to families that lost their job and income during the COVID-19 Pandemic.