District Trainers' Center


The District Trainers' Center was first established during the 16th District 308 B2 Lions Convention in 2014 as Lions Leadership Institute (LLI). It was later revised during the 20th District 308 B2 Lions Convention in 2018 as District Trainers Center District 308 B2 (DTC).

The function of DTC is:

  1. To organise Annual District Trainers Conference;

  2. To enhance and update training materials for trainers/facilitators;

  3. To keep records of trainers/facilitators and trainings conducted;

  4. To organise and conduct Leadership and other training courses ONLY upon the request of District Governor.


DTC Board


DTC shall comprised of and be managed by the committees who are:

  1. The Chairperson;

  2. District Governor, 1st and 2nd Vice District Governor of the fiscal year;

  3. 2 Deputy Chairpersons heading the English & Mandarin Faculties respectively;

  4. ALL GAT (GLT/GMT/GST) District Coordinators;

  5. Appointment of additional committee members by the Chairperson to a maximum of 10 committee members (Including District Governor, 2 Vice District Governors, 2 Deputy Chairpersons and 3 GAT Coordinators but not including the Chairperson)

PDG Hudson Hah
2020 - 2022
District Governor
Michel Yee
2021 - 2022
1st Vice District Governor
Loy Kwee Keow
2021 - 2022
2nd Vice District Governor
Alan Khoo S'y-Kit
2021 - 2022
Deputy Chairperson (E)
Nicholas Seow
2021 - 2022
Deputy Chairperson (M)
Cheah Kim Liew
2021 - 2022
Ricky Khoo Boon Hoe
2021 - 2022
Tan Say Cheong
2021 - 2022
GLT District Coordinator
Thomas Chan
2021 - 2022
GMT District Coordinator
Tony Cheong Wai Keong
2021 - 2022
GST District Coordinator
Irene Hoi
2021 - 2022